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Created by @BlackVelvetRose Nov 13, 2018 at 21:09
Latest update 4 years ago

Bloggers' Advice That Can Help You Grow Your Blog

7 Items Total
Closed Story
4 years ago

How To Find Your Blogging Voice | Helene in Between

There are billions (for real) of bloggers. It can be seriously difficult to figure out what makes you unique. But when you craft a blog post that’s full of your personality (you-isms) then you succeed in singling yourself out from the crowd. If you’ve ever read a blog and said, “Oh hell yes, that girl should be my friend!” Then you KNOW that was her voice shining through.
4 years ago

5 Niche Choosing Strategies | Clarity Avenue Blog

What the fudge is a niche? Isn’t my niche ‘Lifestyle’? or ‘Food Blogger, ‘Beauty Blogger’ etc. My answers; A niche (pronounced neesh or nitch if you’re American), is the overall ‘category’ your blog would fall under. Some people have the belief that a ‘niche’ is a set of demographics. It’s actually both.
4 years ago

How to get more email subscribers | Wendy Maynard Blog

What is a content upgrade? Content upgrades are highly-specific opt-in offers that will turn each and every one of your blog posts into an email list-building machine on steroids.
4 years ago

How to use Instagram to grow your Blog! | What's Katie Up To Blog

Now, to use Instagram to grow your Blog, you can increase your community engagement and drive some really specific and targeted traffic to your Blog. When you think about it – People have to click twice to get away from Instagram to get to another website! Once on your profile and then on your link :). So if they click your link and come to your Blog you can be sure they are actually interested in what you have to say!
4 years ago

How to write a good welcome email series | Meera Kothand

The experience a subscriber has with your emails in the first couple of weeks will set the tone for the rest of their time on your list You’ll be squandering the opportunity to wow them and gain their trust if you only send a single welcome email.
4 years ago

3 Unknown Pinterest Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic | Twins Mommy

Last year I was in big time growth mode for my blog. Everything was going great. I was publishing content and using Pinterest to gain clicks back to my site. So, back in May my Pinterest reach – this is how many people are seeing my pins and how many are engaging with my pins – was going up and almost reached 400k.
4 years ago

How to Use Tailwind | Twins Mommy


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