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VENNDY is about
collection, connection and collaboration
for and between people

How often do you get lost in the enormous flow of information online, struggling to make time in your hectic life to find the hotel, product, movie or book that most suits your personal tastes and preferences? Surely, you think to yourself, someone has already used it, read it, been there, done it. At VENNDY we believe that first-hand experience and personal insight are valuable knowledge and that everyone can contribute. There’s no need to be an expert to have your own tips, secrets, advice, or unique way of living. So what if someone could hand you that cheat sheet summing up everything you crave to know to be in the know?

VENNDY is a user-generated content platform focusing on contextual connectivity. It offers a new way of sharing the right content in the right context with the right audience, creating a comprehensive engagement tool of users' tastes and preferences, and evaluating who are the most suitable people to follow.

The web is an endless source of information, most of which is organized and easily accessible. Yet, priceless knowledge, such as personal experience, is less attainable and is difficult to evaluate relying as it does on purely subjective and non-empirical input. By offering users a platform that allows them to collect and share their individual, reliable, commerce-related tastes, preferences, and opinions, they are empowered to take commonality to a new stage of connectivity. We believe that honest feedback is the foundation for reliable connections. Whether your consumer-based impressions are good or bad, share your opinion and let your voice be heard. It is our mission to provide ways to access this valuable knowledge, namely, our users' experiences. We call this collecting the VENNDY way; we call this VENNing...

Using its proprietary algorithm, VENNDY offers users a multi-layered connectivity system which consolidates the best of stories, items, and people to follow. By focusing on shopping and leisure interests, this creates the ultimate lifestyle hub for finding reliable sources for interactions and inspirations. The story's builder tool helps users to easily create collections of tips on a certain topic and to further upgrade its impact by opening it to crowd experience additions. This collaboration will keep stories constantly updated with new evergreen insights of first-hand users' latest observations. We aim to empower the community by intensifying the individual's contribution; it can serve others and benefit us in return.

It is great having friends you can call on for their opinions, but it’s time to broaden your circle of influence and influencers and get inspired by VENNRs whom you don’t yet know. The Let's VENN button will be your personal fairy— finding those VENNRs who will become your new reliable sources of information. They may live in Australia, Japan, or France—all that matters is that you share the same interests, tastes, and preferences. By building your identity around experiences that can impact others, everything that you think and do will no longer disappear into endless posts on your feed but will be categorized and managed, much like a lifestyle magazine or a blog.

So, next time you get a call from a friend asking for a recommendation to a restaurant, movie, or hotel, all you need to do is refer her to your VENNDY boutique and let her check for herself. Next time you find a great bargain at your favorite online retailer, just upload it to spread the word. What are you waiting for, let's connect the VENNDY way—let's VENN…

P.S. As with every other platform, so too VENNDY will become the reflection of its users. We urge new VENNRs to take the time and read the Terms and Q&A to better understand VENNDY's policies and vision.

About Us

We are a group of women entrepreneurs with extensive experience and expertise in management, technology, finance, design and marketing in the high-tech world. We joined forces to bring to life our vision of a connected world as seen through the eyes of women who, in this day and age, need to develop a career, care for their families, and, no less importantly, look after themselves. We are relying on bootstrapping to develop our venture, and we hope that all of you fellow mothers, career women, and friends will find this tool appealing, easy to use, and beneficial and that you will help us to spread the word.

We are always on the lookout for collaborations with publishers, content creators, and people with vision and insight. We would be happy to hear from you. Contact us here.


VENNDY offers individuals with web presence (bloggers, advisors, artists, service providers, experts, merchants, etc.) an easy-to-use tool for uploading any web-based and commerce-related content directly onto their site.

Our virtual identity has become an integral part of presenting ourselves to potential audiences— customers, followers, and others. We all like to know who exactly we are dealing with. It is no wonder that a referral by a friend gives us a sense of comfort. And so, the more diversified your profile, the better the feeling of familiarity and connection you project. That is why bloggers share their thoughts, experiences, and insights on such a range of subjects. That is how they open up and invite their audience to peek into their lives and preferences.

VENNDY's Plug-in offers a comprehensive and effective way to enrich your identity by automatically uploading content shared through VENNDY onto your site. Regardless of the content your site focuses on, by using VENNDY to share your experience-related authentic choices, you can now let your audience know you better and increase the probability of finding common ground.

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