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VENNDY is about collection, connection, and collaboration for and between people.

Our mission is to empower the community by intensifying the individual's contribution. It is everyone's singular experiences that matter. It is their aggregation and collaboration that can inspire valuable collective intelligence.

We believe that everyone has something to contribute from their experience. There’s no need to be an expert to have your own tips, secrets, advice, or unique way of living. VENNDY transforms this personal experience into knowledge by allowing you to put the right content into the right context. VENNDY is here to help you collect all your first-hand experiences and personal insights. The Let’s VENN tool will help you connect with others who share the same set of interests, tastes, and preferences so that together you can contribute and inspire others. We all share the need to be in the know and want to spend our precious leisure time wisely. A spot-on recommendation from a trusted friend is priceless. Validation by crowd collaboration can help us make quicker, easier, and better online choices.
Our vision is to build trust and relationships around relevant messaging, challenging the concept that face-to-face human interaction is necessary for reliable connections. By elevating experiences to the level of knowledge or valuable information, the virtual word-of-mouth will become a leading factor in our daily inspiration and our consumer decisions.

Our purpose is to take connectivity to the next level and to let technology make our lives easier and better by getting the best advice from people who share our tastes, preferences, and values. Using our proprietary algorithm, VENNDY offers users a multi-layered connectivity system which consolidates the best of stories, items, and people to follow.

VENNDY is your go-to place for making consumer choices. Next time you are looking for the latest on where to eat in NYC, which face cream to try, or what's trending in fashion, VENNDY's search tool will upload the most recent suggestions. Then, using VENNDY's connectivity tools, you can check out your intersections with the recommender according to your taste and preference correlations or be open to advice coming from VENNRs who may be less compatible but who have a certain added value.


VENNDY aims to make a difference to the way in which we consume content and services by giving individuals the power of influence. Who knows better than experienced first-hand consumers?

Well, first, you are helping others, just as others will be helping you, to get the best ideas, recommendations, and inspiration about what to do, see, read, wear, or listen to.

You can cooperate with others to build "community stories" that will create and lead trends, but, more importantly, will be updated constantly with everyone's first-hand experience.

Second, by placing your footprint, your VENNDY will be able to help you discover and be discovered by other VENNRs who share similar tastes, preferences, and passions.

Collecting our experiences can benefit not only us and those close to us but also society as a whole:
  • Filtering the best of VENNDY's algorithms will bring the most popular stories, items, and trends to the surface.
  • Improving access to valuable information and letting VENNRs be the center of influence on what we want, need, love to use, hear about, and do.
  • Helping VENNRs to exchange ideas and cooperate while remaining flexible in terms of time and interests (see Question 3 below).
  • Benefitting from the transmission of intergenerational knowledge and experience without getting stuck in time.
As women, and especially as mothers, we go through different phases in our lives: from acquiring education and developing a career to establishing a family and raising kids, and so on. Our needs, interests, and availability change over the years. At times we are searching for tips on how to get in shape after pregnancy or the most sophisticated educational toy, at others it is the best self-help book on regaining self-esteem. We might be busy at a certain point building a career and take advantage of others' passion and energy to find the best deals in the latest dresses. Exchanging our valuable ideas could be a driving force in women's modern life when time is something we all lack. Think of how priceless all that information, experience, and advice is when passed from one to another. Society and the economy could benefit from this transference of knowledge across borders, cultures, and languages, connecting people who are in need of on the spot advice from a reliable source.


Once registered, you can start interacting with existing content on VENNDY, but you can also start building your VENNDY boutique, a collection of your experiences, tips, advice and recommendations.

Anything that is lifestyle related and fits the pre-defined categories. Lifestyle is defined as the way of living on a day-to-day basis which is expressed in both work and leisure behavior and patterns. It can include activities, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of income. Think of it as a cheat sheet summing up everything you crave to know to be in the know.
  • How often do your friends ask you for recommendations to a restaurant, movie, show, or hotel? What if you could document your experiences and collect them into a story to help you remember or to direct others to your recollections?
  • How often do you get lost in the enormous flow of information online, struggling to make time in your hectic life to find the product that most suits your personal tastes and preferences? What if, with the click of a button, you could find people with similar preferences who will help you out by sending you their genuine feedback on the very item you were looking for?
  • How often have you come across a collection of articles and wished others could have enjoyed it too? What if you could easily build a "To Read List" of all the articles you have found on cultivating good relationships, for example, which you could maintain, update and share to benefit others?
  • How often are you asked about those items that make up your own special sense of style? What if you could spread your passion and inspire others?
As this is all user-generated content, it is users who take responsibility for the subtext. Users are not allowed to share any inappropriate content, be it text or images (porn, spam, or other offensive material). Likewise, content should be posted by individuals, representing themselves alone. You are welcome to share commerce-related items, as long as they relate to the VENNR's authentic experience. However, commercial use per se is prohibited. We appreciate the community's help in reporting any inappropriate content through the link displayed on all Item and Story pages.
At this point you can only share them on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest, or you can "like" them on VENNDY and they will then be stored in your Loves. You can also save them to your VENNDY account by voting on the Style Chart at the bottom of every Item Page.
Treat your VENNDY boutique like every other brick and mortar shop and consider that although you are not limited in space, users will want to see the most updated content from the best that you’ve got. We believe you should keep your VENNDY boutique relevant and updated, so if you realize that a certain post performs particularly well, you may want to update it once in a while to keep it current. We recommend that you replace out-of-stock products with in-stock ones, keep an eye on broken links, and add new products or merchants. You may also want to take the time for continuous Story maintenance.

Well, it really depends on your preferences. We only suggest that you consider the distinction between:

  • Timely content — which is highly valuable for a limited period of time after which it is no longer relevant to a user (such as sales items, coupon codes, etc.); and
  • Timeless or “evergreen” content —which is valuable to users for an extended period of time especially if regularly refreshed (such as links that direct users to relevant services and products).

A combination of the two probably makes the best impression.

As in every friendship, honesty is generally the best policy. Whether your impression of something is good or bad, give your genuine opinion and let your voice be heard. A bad review is sometimes even more helpful than a good one, and it is certainly important for building new relationships, especially virtual ones. Remember— there is no good or bad advice, only advice that best suits you and will best suit the other VENNRs who find that your VENNDY boutique matches their taste.


If you are new to VENNDY, take a few moments to go through the process of getting started and getting to know VENNDY's tools.

You can use VENNDY’s content and share on social media without being registered. However, in order to benefit from VENNDY’s features (i.e., to save Items and Stories, to interact with other users etc.) and its personalized recommendations tools, Let’s VENN feature, and other connectivity elements, you need to sign up and interact.

To start using VENNDY, register by using the sign-up button. You can register with your Facebook account or with your email and a password. This will allow you to decide who to follow and what to like, to add items to your wish list, to vote on the style chart and to comments on Items and Stories.

In order to upload items, start by downloading VENNDY's Extension, currently built for the Chrome browser, from the Google Store. The Extension will allow you to easily collect any content from the web and give it your own interpretation.

Once downloaded, a VENN-It browser button (marked by NN) will appear on your Chrome. Click on it to login on initial use. Use the same email and password as used when registering on the VENNDY site.

To upload text content, check the box next to the Selected Content title on the Extension window.

Go to any website on the web, highlight the text you want to use when posting your new item, and click the VENN button that will show up next to the highlighted text. This should help you add a description of a product, highlight a sentence from an article, or gather any reviews you have written on an online retailer's website or a social network and put them all under the same roof – in your own VENNDY boutique.

If there is no text you wish to copy to the site, simply click the NN button. The NN button turns on the extension which then automatically appears in a pop-up window with a suggested TITLE and IMAGE from the page you're browsing. You can change the title, choose one of the suggested images, select a category and subcategory, and rate the product or service you are uploading. You can then write some text of your own (a recommendation, a reminder, your thoughts). VENNDY is perfect for addressing personal content and commerce-based topics; anything that falls into one of the pre-defined categories. By clicking the VENN button you send your experience straight to your VENNDY where it can now go on to inspire other VENNRs.

This is our firm intention, but at present we are still in the process of updating the Extension and making sure it can be adjusted to all formats. However, not all configurations will be supported. Google search results, for example, will not be supported at this point as we are looking to direct users to a specific item, article, or location.

The VENNRs you follow impact your personalized feed. Once signed in, you can choose to view the FEED/EXPLORE/VENNRS screens; otherwise only the Explore option will show on your Home Page.

• The FEED will include all latest Stories and Items uploaded by the VENNRs you follow.

• The EXPLORE will allow you to investigate ideas coming from the rest of the community. But, it is still influenced by your choices, namely, the Items and Stories you upload and your use of the Interaction Features (explained below).

• The VENNRs will introduce you to new users who you are not yet following. This introduction, as with everything else on VENNDY, is categorized according to the quantity, popularity, and relevance of the user’s contributions. The purpose is to put your interests and preferences at the center of inspiration, thus letting us expand our circles of connections beyond geographical coincidence. VENNing is a verb; VENNRs are those interacting this way.

You can increase your contribution by uploading content, but you can also have a greater degree of influence on your web experience and what you see by using the Interaction Features: designating Loves, voting in the Style Chart, adding items to your Wish List, commenting on Stories and Items, and sharing on other social media.


A Story is a collection of items gathered around a certain subject, very much like posts in a blog. The platform is designed to give users maximum flexibility to be creative about the ideas raised in a Story. It could be the plan for your next vacation, a collection of your adventures from a previous trip, a set of beauty tips you want to share, your list of best books from the past year. Stories can be built by an individual user (Closed Story) or by the community (Open Story). The purpose of Open Stories is to create a list based on crowd experience that can be constantly updated with new insights and the latest observations. So Stories about the most romantic restaurants in Paris, the best dresses for the coming summer, or the best serum for oily skin can accumulate the knowledge of many experienced people with first-hand know-how.
To take your experience one step further, you can create STORIES using your various uploaded items. Just choose a topic and upload the first item by clicking the STORY+ button. This is a great tool for creating "Best of" or "It-list" posts. It could be a Closed Story which you alone build and maintain, such as "My Best Tuscan Experiences—Summer of 2015," or an Open Story where others can share their insights and cooperate in building the Story, such as "The Do's and Don’ts of European Fashion," "The 15 Best Rompers for Summer," "Must-Dos in San Francisco This Fall," or "The Best Brunch Restaurants in NYC." The ideas are endless; it is all up to you. To add an Item to an existing Story, click the ADD ITEM button on the Full Story Page and it will direct you on. The curator of the Story will get notice of suggested items and approval is in her hands alone.
  • In a Closed Story, only the curator can add items and edit. The curator can request collaborators to contribute their experiences to the building of the Story, but this is by invite only. Closed Stories are public for viewing only.
  • In an Open Story, the curator allows anyone to help upgrade and improve the Story by adding relevant items via the ADD ITEM button on the Story’s page. The curator has sole discretion over the addition.
When creating a new Story, you will see a text box which allows you to add the email addresses of potential collaborators. The invitees will get an email inviting them to collaborate.


Our purpose is to provide a user-controlled web experience. We want you to be the one in charge of what you share to enable you to get better personalized recommendations. We have chosen to create transparent communication so that we all get to know you better, according to what you choose to share and not your other online activities.

Please note that for now the information you share on My VENNDY is all public. That includes your Stories, Items, followers, Loves and the VENNRs you are following (this is your public information). However, your Wish List, Style Chart, Archive, and Settings are all private and accessible only to you (this is your private area).

For the full disclosure, we refer you to the Privacy Policy under Terms and Privacy. As specified there, your information is kept within our system and is not given to any third parties without your prior notification.

We would like to state that the information you share on your VENNDY will be used only for its initial purpose, namely, to place the power of influence in the hands of the users. It is you who determines by the content that you upload which links will forward information to other VENNRs and to which sites.

Since we are bootstrapping the company, we will soon be looking for ways to make money; otherwise we will not be able to sustain a viable business, serve you better, improve our product, or adhere to any requests, suggestions, or needs that arise. Doing business the feminine way doesn’t mean that it is not for profit. On the contrary. We believe that women’s power and influence come from our ability to improve our earning power and succeed also in terms of income. We plan to use the links created by users to drive traffic to other sites. We will not, however, be selling your information.

As much as we welcome the advantages of technology for evaluating big data and producing important valuable outcomes, we do not appreciate the fact that technology interferes with privacy or that users’ information is exploited by other parties. This is why VENNDY is about letting you choose what you share. By using the Interaction Features embedded in the platform, we will do our best to help users get the best relevant information from other VENNRs.

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