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© 2019 VENNDY. All rights reserved.

Created by @VENNDY Oct 08, 2018 at 10:19
Latest update one year ago

The Tools Every Blogger Needs from Day 1!

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Closed Story
one year ago

ConvertKit | Email Marketing Features for Creat..

I was using MailChimp for a couple of years, as it was free until I reached the 2,000 subscribers. I still think it is a great option for new bloggers. However, as I realized the importance of building an email list and the need to have an opt-in option for downloading the freebie I created, I was looking for alternatives. I read ConvertKit gives you the option to create subscription forms that can be embedded on your blog, as well as a pop-up. I signed up for the free trial to try it out and couldn't say how happy I am for giving it a chance. I created a few forms, including a designated landing page for my freebie, a pop-up and some other forms that are spread through my blog, based on relevancy. I love the different options of design, the double opt-in is super easy to understand and use, and the analytics are great. YES, it is different than MailChimp but is very convenient for new bloggers to set up and make use of all features. Highly recommended as soon as you can afford to pay the monthly fee!
one year ago


Before I started using Tailwind I used to pin manually, with some additional help form BoardBooster (remember this service which is no longer active?). Since I started using Tailwind I've experienced an impressive pick from about 5K monthly viewers to over 200K monthly viewers in only 3 months. Yes, you can continue to pin manually and if you have great content you will probably get nice results, but there is nothing that can be compared to a systemic, no glitches pinning on a schedule. The second big advantage I find using Tailwind is the tribes. It is another channel to letting your content be noticed. As users schedule their pins, the easiest way to find others' pins is through the Tribes. You should start by using the free trial period and see how it goes. I assume that once you get familiar with the tool, you'll find it very hard to go back only to pin manually.
one year ago

Ivory Mix | Free Stock Photos

Here you can find a library of over 100 free photos for your design needs, for your blog, Pinterest pins, and social media. Highly recommended! Personally, I also love Kayla Butler's style of writing and her blog posts are super helpful. You should check them out.
one year ago

Canva | Easily create beautiful designs for you..

I dont know how bloggers managed without it... This is definitely one of the life savers for bloggers, especially those who use Pinterest massively for growing their blog traffic. The paid version is super but you can absolutely manage great with the free service. It will take you a few visits to get used to it, but it is intuitive and user friendly like no other service I tried lately.
one year ago

Fiverr | Freelance Services Marketplace for The..

I've been using Fiverr for sometime now, for design and video clips. It is very easy to use and you can get around very easily. So if you are looking for a hand in everything you need for managing your small business, try Fiverr.
one year ago

Digital Mailbox | iPostal1

One of GDPR requirements and as part of getting your readers' consent for sending them your newsletter, you should be transparent about who you are and your contact details, including an address. *** Your address is also shown (due to anti-spam laws) to any one who subscribes to your newsletter.
Personally, I don’t feel comfortable having my address put out there publicly. I think everyone needs to take caution with this. There are a few solutions to this problem, one of which is having a virtual mailbox. Using a service such as iPostal1 is one of them. It is simple to use as you don't even need to drive to the post office to check your P.O. Box. The price per year is practically the same. They will be sending you your mail electronically. You get a notice when a mail arrives and you can either pick it up or ask them to open and scan it for you.
one year ago

Grammarly | Free Writing Assistant

This is an essential tool for any publisher, but in particular important for those who English is not their mother tongue. It is As explained in the Selected Text above, it does more than only spell checks, it is also checking grammar mistakes and gives you suggestions for how to correct your sentences. If you are a blogger you certainly do not want pins wondering around with mistakes, so Grammarly provides with another layer of security to make sure your content is good to go!
one year ago

Bluehost | Web Hosting Product

I personally do not use BlueHost, but it seems like one of the favorite web hosting providers for bloggers as so many bloggers recommend it.

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